Why should you be proud about your purchases and support of our company?

We pride ourselves on being very transparent and showing you exactly how much we bring in and how it is spent and allocated.

All of our resources and tools are absolutely FREE.  We are here to help support small businesses and communities.  For 2021 year we are offering more detailed business consulting services for a fee to help offset overhead costs, this will not change what services, podcasts, etc that we provide to you.

Currently we are negative revenue and all money and services are provided by donations of equipment and time by The Bodily Works LLC and CompITAV

Money has been allocated as follows;



Patreon 2020


Paypal Donations 2020


Store Purchases 2020


Sponsorships/Affiliate Links 2020


Business Product Development R&D Services

(New for 2021)


Expense Item

Cost Average

Website Maintenance


Podcast Equipment/Maintenance/Software/etc


Staff Labor(we do not pay ourselves at this time)


Charity BBQ Event

(No revenue was brought in and all expenses was funded by CompITAV)


Tool Development for Small Businesses 

(Currently based on volunteers)


This budget and spend plan has been updated and is valid for 2021 year