Specialist Thursday-What Does it take to be known as the expert?

 December 27, 2019

By  Camron Bodily

What does it take to be known as the specialist or the expert in your field? How do you find what specialty to go into when you’re just starting?  Why does communication play a part in your ability to be considered an expert?  We answer these questions and more on this podcast episode!  Be sure to follow us @consultroi or call in at (833) 568-3764 that’s (833) LOVE ROI

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Camron Bodily

I have done a number of different companies and careers in my life, some out of boredom, some out of necessity to survive. The reason I truly became a business owner was I wanted to control the values and morales I represented. I truly believe that you reflect just as much on a company as they reflect on you and I wanted a career I could be proud of and stand for what I knew to be right while also helping empower other people to take control of their lives so that they may never be as helpless or homeless, like I was.

Camron Bodily

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